Mizumi Hanging Instructions

  1. The Mizumi design is a mural made up of six drops of wallcovering each measuring 320cm (126”) in length and 68.5cm (27”) in width.
  2. The complete design is supplied as two separate rolls (Roll A and Roll B). Each has three panels that are printed continuously on the roll. The panels are separated by a cut line.
  3. The complete design using all 6 panels measures 320cm (126”) high x 411cm (162”) wide. For walls wider than 411cm (162”) this mural is designed to repeat so that Panel 1 of Roll A can be joined to Panel 6 of Roll B giving a continuous design.
  4. If required, it is possible to buy a half panel supplied as a single roll (A or B) of three drops.
  5. Before starting to hang this wallcovering please check carefully whether you need to start with Roll A or Roll B. If you have a wall longer than 411cm (162”) and have received an uneven number of rolls you must start hanging with the Roll code (A or B) which you have the most of. This may mean starting with Roll B first.
  6. The panels can be trimmed at either the top or the bottom of the design as desired to fit the height of the wall.

To achieve the best results we recommend the use of a professional decorator experienced in hanging wide width wallcoverings.