Tsauri Wallcoverings

From opulent, bold brushstrokes to abstract sculptural forms with painterly elements, the Tsauri Wallcovering collection is a nod to the unconventional, embracing Black Edition’s expertise and unapologetically bold approach to design.

Confident designs take centre stage as colours and materials intertwine, whilst enchanting patterns add a touch of poetry and imagination to interiors. In addition, and to ensure no wall is off limits, silk-like plains provide a palette in the form of luxury wallcoverings, as their quiet sophistication invites a closer look.

Exploring the boundless possibilities, the interplay of textures becomes an art form. The captivating allure of metallics, with their luminous sheen, seamlessly intertwines with the tactile drama of raised, three-dimensional aspects. Meanwhile, the organic essence of grasscloth weaves its natural charm into the narrative, collectively forming a compelling story of technical brilliance.