Tsauri Decorative Prints, Weaves & Embroideries

A canvas for boundless creativity, where abstract forms, bold, painterly brushstrokes and imaginative designs come to life. This collection captures the essence of the unexpected and brings it into the realm of design through sophisticated jacquards, striking velvets, characterful prints, innovative embroideries and enchanting sheers.

Weaving the rhythms of the natural world into our surroundings and shared experiences, these designs not only pay homage to elements of nature but also seek to emulate the intriguing textures and undulating shapes found in modern sculptures. Structured effects created by innovative weaving techniques form unique elements of lustre, alongside sophisticated matte qualities.

Adding a touch of opulence, a rich palette sees deep, alluring hues intertwine seamlessly with layers of earthy tones, ensuring each piece tells its own story.