Exclusive, luxurious, prestigious; Black Edition has made its mark on the interiors market as a forward thinking, avantgarde design house of fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories that continues to push the boundaries of its own aesthetic.

Established in 2013 as part of The Romo Group, Black Edition creates unique collections of the upmost quality, instilling a sense of excitement and exuberance with its progressive personality.

A celebration of creativity, the designs combine innovative weaving and printing techniques, sophisticated textures, and artisan effects. Together these qualities encompass the essence of Black Edition and offer the sophisticated luxury that is synonymous with the brand.

Unwavering in her belief that every home should be a haven, Black Edition is led by Emily Mould, Director of Design and Excellence for The Romo Group. The great-great granddaughter of the founder of Romo, Robert Mould, Emily was surrounded by exquisite fabrics from a young age and has since carved her own career as an experienced designer, leader and visionary, with a wealth of textile knowledge and a passion for offering luxury products.

Black Edition gives us the opportunity to be experimental with qualities, techniques and design in a considered, individual way. Characterised by contemporary pattern and elevated by a richesse of unapologetic opulence and sophistication, Black Edition offers exquisite fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories that define the fearless spirit of the brand.

Emily Mould

Director of Design and Excellence, The Romo Group

Drawing inspiration from countless sources, Black Edition’s talented team of designers create rich upholstery weaves and graceful drapery cloths in a variety of qualities, from indulgent velvets and chenille to graceful linens and silks. Striking designs are transformed into immersive wallcoverings that offer a coveted level of luxury, through intricate detailing and progressive colour palettes. Every element of a collection is carefully considered, each design serves a purpose, and nothing is without intention.

With a distinctive confidence and desirable individuality, Black Edition designs tell their own story.