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Arkose - Press Release Offering a world of pure luxury, Arkose is a range of decorative and textured weaves that create a captivating sensory experience for both sight and touch. Download PDF
Isoku - Press Release For elegant creative endeavours, attention to detail is defined in this innovative collection of lightweight, decorative fabrics Download PDF
Tsauri - Press Release Weaving together Black Edition’s distinctive character and a creative approach to modern elegance, the Tsauri collection exudes an air of exclusivity and artistic innovation, whilst providing a new perspective on contemporary opulence. Download PDF
Tsauri Wallcoverings - Press Release From opulent, bold brushstrokes to abstract sculptural forms with painterly elements, the Tsauri Wallcovering collection is a nod to the unconventional, embracing Black Edition’s expertise and unapologetically bold approach to design. Download PDF
Muoto - Press Release Muoto is a sensorial album of distinctive designs that effortlessly pairs indulgent bold textures with impactful pattern. Download PDF
Tabala - Press Release Confident in their design aesthetic, Black Edition has crafted Tabala, a collection that pays homage to the brand’s distinctive character, whilst artistically narrating a new path forward. Download PDF
Tabala Wallcoverings - Press Release A defining aspect of any home, walls are to be adorned and admired. The Tabala Wallcovering collection highlights these unsung heroes to inspire creativity and encourage the use of texture and pattern to tell a story. Download PDF