Nuala Decorative Weaves

An opulent, lustrous collection with an abundance of texture and tactility. Intricate weaving techniques and cutting-edge printing processes are intelligently layered through rich velvets and lavish satins. Sophisticated pigments of soft teals, navy blue and deep pinks are harmonized by elegant metallics and polished natural tones.

Structured chevrons melt away as patterns fuse together and lines blur within a velvet landscape, whilst a sea of textured linen spots form rhythmical waves over a lustrous silk satin. Large, velvet polka dots dance across woven metallic yarns in a sumptuous play of light and shade, a dramatic chiaroscuro where new tones are playfully revealed within the shadows, whilst a delicate foil-printed velvet depicting circles of intricate, interlocking lines creates a subtle, playful illusion.